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I worked with Elnaz this year in a few situations. She was professional and knowledgeable, but more importantly, I felt I could trust her to have my back in an especially difficult matter that was personal for me. She was clear-headed and helped me be the same. It made a huge difference in the final success of the endeavor to my great relief. So glad she's on my team!

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Jane R.

I have had excellent experiences with the Masoom Law Firm. Elnaz Masoom is a top-level very professional HR lawyer! She helped me with several very challenging employee HR issues at my business. I highly recommend her!

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Patrick H.

My case with Attorney Masoom has been very excellent and I want to thank her very much because my case finished in less than a year when I expected it to take much longer than that…

Ruben V.

Attorney Elnaz Masoom - I want you to know that I will forever be grateful to you for your work, delivery, and dedication in my case….

Rosa T.

Elnaz does an excellent job of getting in front of issues and preventing them from occurring. I recently had to lay someone off from my company for performance. It was further complicated by the fact that the person's spouse was an HR specialist. Elnaz did a great job of reviewing the case files, coaching me on my obligations and she even wrote the termination letter for me. And she responded quickly to my request for help. She is knowledgable and fair. I highly recommend her.

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Jon S.

If you have tried to read the EDD laws online, you are probably confused. As a small business that does not have the need or resources for an HR professional, I tried doing it myself. This could have landed me in big trouble as California is an Employee friendly state. Trust me, you don't want to learn the hard way.

Elnaz first helped me with an employee classification issue when I wasn't sure how to pay an Employee. If you don't know the difference between Exempt and Non-Exempt, you should probably talk to her. I had such a great experience as she responded promptly and efficiently (which is important when you are being billed by the hour). Since then, Elnaz has helped me put together an Employee Handbook, Independent Subcontractor Contract, New Hire letter, and a Reduction in Hour Letter. All was done satisfactorily and in a timely manner. Whether you are a Small Business Owner, Manager, or HR professional, you definitely want to audit your employee classifications, office policies, and handbooks and make sure everyone is properly classified. If not, I'd hate to say it but I told you so!

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Angela L.

Knowledge is power. Elnaz Masoom empowered me with the information I needed to understand my rights. Consulting her was a game-changer for me as I know my options. Fears have been replaced with facts and the increased confidence this produced has changed me and thus my work environment. Elnaz takes time to listen and then informs, and she does so with a caring approach.

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Jennifer K.

At first, I was intimidated by the case, the lively office, the busy people. I wasn't sure whether I even had a case to pursue but it was good to talk to Elnaz. She listened. And her advice was not sugarcoated, she just laid out the facts. She said only if I know what to expect can I make a good decision. She didn't put pressure on me at all. I was ready after a few days and it was a good thing I had Elnaz Masoom on my side. I was compensated, but most importantly my confidence has been restored. She is a wonderful attorney and a warmhearted person.

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Javon F.

he word “attorney” is always accompanied by a bit of fear but, Elnaz Masoom, who has been my attorney for more than a year made me feel very protected and valued….

Erika S.